Personal means that, Personal

A personalized workout that aligns with your fitness background, capabilities, schedule, and lifestyle focusing on you and only you!






Form and Techniques

Proper form not only helps you to prevent injury but helps you maximize your performance. Whether your lifting heavier, light, or even doing chores around the house.




               GinnaFit Approach


Warm-ups help increase the body’s temperature slowly while enhancing performance and helping decrease the risk of injuries.


Main Workout

The main workout is personalized and intends to meet an individual’s goals. It consists of cardio endurance, strength training, and overall movements on all planes of motion.



After the main workout, stretches are important because that’s when muscles are at the most compliant, and stretching on a regular basis improves as well as maintains flexibility.

Covid freindly training

Ginna understands the risks associated with Covid-19 and the importance of taking proper precautions.

In person training will take place in a park with masks.

Hand sanitizer will be provided and all equipment will be cleaned with Lysol wipes before and after each use.

Not feeling comfortable in person? Ginna has you covered with online training through Zoom.

One size does not fit all

Every training regime must be personalized because everyone is not the same. Typically, our first one-hour meeting goes like this:

We review your answers on the EPRQ, staring with Outcomes and Process goals

We look at your current exercise routine, medical history, and lifestyle.

While we talk, something unexpected but important may come to mind.

Talking through the EPRQ helps us manage expectations and creates a solid plan for me to help you achieve your goals, in a manner clearly based on your needs and capabilities

Once we have established goals, we do a physical assessment. This gives me a better understanding of your fitness level and general movements.

Our first session ends with an appropriate and strategized workout based on all the data we have collected, your current physical level, and your goals.

This first meeting is crucial as it helps us understand our dynamic, and see if we are right for each other.


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